Friday, November 10, 2006

Train doorway

This was one of my options for the doorway theme day. The dog sign means that dogs are allowed in this carriage. The sign beside the No Smoking sign means that tickets are not sold in this carriage. Most of the train travel is done by travel cards but there is still a conductor who sells tickets in certain carriages.

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Anonymous said...

Hi kaa, I missed the Doorway Theme day becos I haven't joined DP at that time ;)

So cool that pet dogs are allowed in the carriage of the trains, in Singapore you would have to 'smuggle' your puppy/dog into the train with fashion bag ;p

Today (11/11) i've posted the 3rd Quiz on my DP. This quiz is special with 'extended play time'. As you've played in the Circles...Circles (Quiz 2) I thought you might wanna know I have a third one coming up;)

Hope to see ya!