Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Recycle 2

The green one's for newspaper and magazines. The other's for cardboard. Besides the three already managed, there are grey ones for general rubbish. Why i mention the colours. Find out tomorrow.

Recycling seems to be the way of life in most parts of Europe. Sad to say, my home country has a lot more to do in recycling.


Anonymous said...

My other blog is Hyde DP but I'm in my beta-blog ID right now.

Our general wheelie-bin is black.
We have a green one which is for glass and plastics. The blue one is for paper. Some people also have a brown one for garden refuse.

I've posted pictures of wheelie-bins and the lorry that collects them previously on Hyde DP.

I recently photograph the bin in town for recycled shoes -- I'll post it sometime in the next week.

Anonymous said...

Our blue ones are for paper, paper board, newspapers, glass and plastic bottles and jars, and tin and aluminum cans. Our green ones are for kitchen waste for composting. Regular garbage is put out in green garbage bags.

Meg Nakagawa said...

Let me guess, let me guess - tomorrow is glass and cans? Oh, no quiz over here? Contrary to popular belief, New Zealand's recycling is very basic, too, but we do a lot of composting in the garden. They collect glass bottles and some plastic, but there is only one glass recycling centre, all the way up in Auckland, I think.