Friday, November 24, 2006

Bits and Pieces Quiz 1

Vantaa Daily Photo's first ever quiz with 'prizes'. The prizes will be postcards and a grand prize, 'something finnish'.

Here are the rules: Simply guess the photos(the blog posts) the tiny cropped up pieces belong to. When giving the answer, give the title and date of the blog corresponding to the correct Piece number. Please give all the answers in one post. No multiple enteries, have to be fair for everyone. Closing date of the quiz is Dec 1st, Friday.

Winners: You'll receive a postcard from me as long as you get FOUR of them right. . And if you manage to get all SIX correct, you receive more than a postcard. IT's a surprise! ;-)

Main idea is to have fun playing the matching game. In the event, that no one is able to get four right, I'll just have a top 5. So make your guesses even if it happens to be only one.

ANSWERS to be revealed on 2nd December. Happy guessing! Hope you have some fun with it.









Candice & Megan said...

This is alot harder then I thought it was going to be! I can only even guess at one...Is the first one from Sat. November 11 - "Birdhouse?"

Annie said...

Instead of playing the game and trying for prizes, I will just look at and admire your photos, Kaa. And I send you greetings from the south central part of the United States.

Meg Nakagawa said...

1. Birdhouse?, November 11
2. Playground, October 25
3. Letter from Maple, August 20
4. elvis is here.., August 11
5. Tikkurilan kirkko (church), September 14
6. stopped in the track.., September 121
I spent a couple of hours and found nothing, and then Ben just came in and found the first two in ... 2 minutes! NO FUN!!! At least I found two. But I'm sending in the answer anyway... Yay!!!

kaa said...

Congrats Meg on getting all right. I'll be contacting you soon regarding sending you something finnish.
Thank you for taking the time to do this. Thanx also to candice & megan and annie for stopping by!