Monday, November 13, 2006

Recycle 1

The 'shed' in the previous post is the place to dump rubbish and also for recycling. Got this idea to do a series on the many ways people in Finland recycle from keropokman's blog. The bins are colour coded for different types of rubbish. This one's for bio-degradable stuff. It's mainly for left-overs and the phrase 'Takaisin luontoon' means 'Back to nature.'
How active is recycling in your cities?


Crimson said...

In Germany we also have a recycling system. Yellow bins for plastic, brown bins are the same as in Finland and black bins for general waste. All over our cities you also find waste containers for the general public for glass (sorted by color in green, white and brown) and paper. Greetings from Germany, Crimsonescape

Anonymous said...

its a way of life here in our town.