Monday, September 11, 2006

need a caravan?

This was taken at noon yesterday. This is Max Caravan and it is situated along Kehä III. Going around Finland with a RV or a carriage attached to the car is a popular summer-time activity. There are camping areas all over Finland that cater to the needs of those travelling in caravans. In Max Caravan, one get rent or buy a caravan.

p.s. I'm a WINNER, thanx to Kathrine(Copenhagen DP)


sari said...

:D Congratulations for the buttons - I see I missed that competition (too). hehe hee.. Let's hang around. ;)

kostas said...

Thanks but I have a caravan in a camping by the sea!A great beach with excellent sand and azure water.
I love the caravan life during summer.

Kim said...

There is something magical about the sky in this photo. I like the way the blue of the banners and buildings is picked up to echo the brilliance of the sky! Super shot!