Sunday, September 17, 2006

moose ahead..

I know no one likes road signs but this is something new for me which i don't get to see in Singapore. The sign warns drivers that they might be mooses crossing ahead. This is often true during autumn and early spring in places where it is forested.
This sign is along Kehä III which is now lined with commercial buildings and less forest. So it is rather unlikely that there might any ahead and i do not hope to see one. Mooses often become victims of roadkill.

Are there animal warning signs like this in your country?


Kate said...

Yes, we do have lots and lots of deer signs. Some drivers, unfortunately, wind up like the dead deer, but most only have demolished cars. No moose signs, tho--at least in the Midwest.

sari said...

A moose weights hundreds of kilos (I'm not quite sure, big male moose can be 700-1000kg?), so it is not nice to have one coming in from your front glass..