Monday, September 04, 2006

Lordi Cola

Eurovision 2006 winners Lordi have their own cola now. The passionate cola fan Mr. Lordi has designed six different labels featuring the members of the group. 5 are individual shots and is a group shot.

The above is Mr Lordi himself. Click here to see an ad featuring all the members of the group. Lordi Cola is out on shelves in Finland starting today.

Lordi Cola Regular group label
Lordi Cola Light group label

p.s. it is produced by local drink maker Olvi Group.


sisko said...

how does the cola taste like?

kris said...

i dont understand the need for their heavy make-up but I do find their songs good! what about the cola?

Kala said...

the man on the label looks kinda spooky
interesting bottling - I would buy it just to say I got it from Finland! =)

kaa said...

well it tastes much like coca cola... sweeter i felt. anyway i'm more a pepsi fan... ;-)