Saturday, December 16, 2006

more candles

Here is another popular christmas custom in Finland. You can see various versions of these electric candle stand, from 2 to 5 to 7 candles. How do people prepare for xmas in your city? Any traditions and customs unique to your city?


Kate said...

my neighbor has two of these in her windows, and I've admired them wondering where she got them. Probably the IKEA store. I'll have to ask because I'd like some for our windows, also. Our city trims outdoor trees of all kinds and hangs decorations; individuals do the same, often adding lawn decorations, wreaths, luminarias, and creches.

Jing said...

great photo!!
i think to light the candles is a wonderful idea for festival.
mmm...i really need go to IKEA to find some nice smell candles.

have a nice weekend.

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Carol said...

St. Paul is the capitol of Minnesota, so there is always a big tree brought to the state capitol building, and the lights are officially turned on by the governor of Minnesota.

Lavender Lady said...

These candles are beautiful! In my hometown we have trees, lights, window displays, and in the homes there are many nativity sets. I love the light during this time of few hours of daylight.