Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Finland's Independence Day

Today is Finland's 89th independence day. It has become a tradition n Finland to have these Independence Day Candles.
Learn more about Finland's declaration of Independence here


Ja said...

Candles! How restrained. I heard that in Finland fireworks are only shot off at New Years. Nice post.

Carol said...

Pretty. Are the candles always blue and white?

kaa said...

ja: Yes fireworks are shot off at New Year's. The big party for independence day is at the president's place where she has a hand shaking ceremony with delegates and other distinguished people like performing artists and atheletes(those who have won or achieved something for the nation tat is). :-) it's like the red carpet event of the oscars. Ladies usually watch it to see who's wearing wat...

carol: yes, they are always white and blue. These are known as 'independence day' candles in shops. they are sold as a pair and are lit from 6pm onwards

Jing said...

beautiful shot!!
its a good way to celebrate the National day.

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