Saturday, October 14, 2006

Relax Time

Ah.. it's the weekend. Time to relax but I have an exam to study for next week and projects to complete. Here's me stretching out my feet in the car. I don't normally do that, just made an exception for this night shot. ;-)


James said...

Haha, I do this too when not driving! Thanks for your welcome to the DP family.

I never made it to Vantaa but saw Turku, Helsinki, Tampere, Luomo, Jyvaskyla, Paimio, Saynatsalo, and Otaniemi. My favorite activity was the jumping into the frozen lake. You Finns are crazy. It was an architectural studies trip and we saw everything by Alvar Aalto--a truely great man.

Unfortunately, there is only one Finn here at Uni of Bath, and he hadn't heard of all the cities in the north I visited. It really feels like a very large country once you're on a week-long bus ride through it.


Sadia said...

Haha, nothing better than putting your feet up for a cool night shot.

Kim said...

I really like these last two night shots alot! Kudos!

Kala said...

cute shot - I took a shot like this when I was relaxing at the hitorical Moana hotel a couple of days ago but I did not post it - good luck with all your work!