Sunday, October 01, 2006

DP Theme Day: Taxis

It's theme day again. October's Theme is Taxis and 42 (45 now, 3 more jus in) other blogs are taking part too. Links provided below.
This is the taxi queue outside the Helsinki-Vantaa airport arrival hall. In Finland taxis are not any particular design or colour. They look like privately owned cars and you can identify one by the taxi sign on its roof. The red one seen here carries an ad. Close up of a taxi

Starting fares on weekdays 06.00-20.00 and on saturday and eve of bank hols. 06.00-16.00 is 4.50€(5.71USD). Other times is 7.00€(8.88USD). The kilometre price depends on the number of passengers. Kilometre Rates(according to number of passengers) For 1-2 persons a 5km ride costs about 10€(12.69USD) and 10km ride costs 16€(20.30USD). I'm sure it is much cheaper elsewhere, at least in Singapore it is. What are the fares like in your cities?


Kim said...

Really nice composition, Kaa! Now I'll not only know how the taxis look, but also what the airport looks like if I get to visit there!

Denton said...

Today, we paid $20 to catch a taxi from downtown to the airport. About a 20 minute drive. I over tipped because the driver was on time and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

it is only S$2.50 that works out to be about US$1.58

And there is also a special service if you are taking the taxi from the airport called:-

Meet and greet by driver:
Departure (to airport) S$36.00

Arrival (from airport) S$39.00

[S$39 is about USD25] so when is your next visit to Singapore?


John - Melbourne said...

Fares I think everywhere are very expensive, that's the reason I never use taxis! Nice shot with the shadows, well done.

Ham said...

Nice compostion... taxis in London are expensive!

Anonymous said...

um...another places that the taxis are in queue... :)
cool shadow~~and photo!
of course, the price is higher than in the mainland in China.

~tanty~ said...

Very nice shot! Taxi in Stavanger is quite expensive.

Anonymous said...

taxis in tuzla are i think the cheapest in the world: €0.50 a ride =)

Zsolt72 said...

we pay like 1 Euro just as a starting fee and then its around more 1 Euro per km. The fee is different when you called them on phone (cheaper) or when you caught on the street (higher rate).

Irredento Urbanita said...

taxis for all the preferences, those cars are colorful, they give joy to your city.

Greetings from Perú

santy said...

nice to have them in different colors!

kaa said...

thanx for all the comments!zannie, my next visit will probably be next summer.

Anonymous said...

Hmm it is interesting that zsolt72's city phone in calls are cheaper than street hire. In Singapore we pay an extra $4 for phone bookings.