Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mika Häkkisen aukio / Mika Häkkinen Square

Mika Pauli Häkkinen is a famous Finnish racing driver and two-time Formula One driver's champion. In honour of his achievements, the square was built and inaugurated on 1.6.1999. It is situated in Martinlaakso, his birthplace and where he spent his youth. Mika Häkkinen is married with two children and now lives in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Due to the finnish grammar rules: Häkkinen's is written as Häkkisen. In Swedish, it's Mika Häkkinens plats
Wikipedia Häkkinen
location of the square
Inauguration Ceremony: More photos(text in finnish)


Kim said...

The light and shadow in this shot is wonderful!
I never would have associated race car drivers with Finland. This is a nice, clean, stylish tribute, and VERY Finnish in style (to my eyes, at least).

santy said...

Wow...he must feel tremendously proud of himself with a tribute like this. nice shot!

anne said...

This is a beautiful shot! I love the lighting and contrast.

Matthieu said...

If only there were a Silver Arrow there ! The Silver Arrow were Mercedes' F1 grey cars that M.H drove to become a F1 world champion ...