Wednesday, August 30, 2006


This waterfall is on the first floor. It is the first thing that greets you if come in by the old entrance. People usually sit here to get cool and take a rest from their shopping.

Here's another view of the waterfall from the escalator. The hypermarkets Citymarket(on the left) and Prisma(on the right) are here. They are basically supermarkets selling everything from food to electronics.
The shop on the left on the second floor is Jalokivi Galleria


Annie said...

They say that all shopping centers look alike. And there is a shopping center in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA that looks quite similar to the one you show here. However, they have yet to install such a dramatic water feature - that is uniquely your own.

sisko said...

yeah, kaa, I remember this. I kinda miss it cos it's so spacious and not as packed as the shopping malls here during the weekend. But have we ever been there during the weekend? I can't remember... :P

~tanty~ said...

Shopping centers are quite similar everywhere. But this one is unique because of the fountain. Good shot!

kaa said...

sisko: this shot here was taken on a saturday so it was crowded. Friday evenings are the worst. I guess we were there most often on weekdays during the day, the non-peak hours. ;-)
tanty and annie: thanx for dropping by.