Thursday, February 01, 2007

DP Theme Day: What really annoys me about my city

NO, beer bottles don't annoy me. It is the people who reek of them. It is common to board a train in the mornings with a drunk sitting next to you. It is usually a scruffy middle-aged man who smells of beer (also pee at times). He then starts to talk to himself or the passenger next to him. Even when he exits the train, the nauseating stench lingers on the carriage for some time... Urghhh!!
It is this whole situation tat annoys me.... the foul morning drunks. I dare not take a picture of a drunk for the reason, they might get violent on me. So the beer above is innocent. ;-)
KARHU means BEAR; the finnish beer i like the most.

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denton said...

I agree and would by annoyed if this were to occur to me. It sounds like the problem is common. Sad.

Ham said...

I always think that the point when a person first walks around in public with a bottle of beer at 9 or 10 in the morning must be almost a rite of passage, marking you out as different. I hope I never find out.

Keropok Man said...

i know what u mean. the late night trains in aust was like that when i lived there.

thank goodness singapore trains and people are squeaky clean. LOL..

Chris & Deb said...

there's nothing quite like starting your day next to a foul-smelling drunk....

Ben said...

That's annoying.

Kim said...

Very, very sad. For some reason it seems odd to me that this would be common in Finland. . .but, it's warm on the train on a cold morning. Great shot to illustrate what bugs you!

Dsole said...

you're right, that's very annoying!
First time visiting you blog... you have very nice photos here! :)

Helen said...

How frustrating and very sad all at the same time!